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Pope Francis  

Bishop Steven Lopes
Bishop and Ordinary of the Chair of St. Peter Personal Ordinariate
Supply Priests

Fr. John Cornelius                                      Fr. Charles Hough, III                                 Fr. Thomas Kennedy              

Chris Christian  -  Marriage Tribunal and Acolyte Master

Ken Gill  -  Office Assistant and Webmaster

Parish Council
Carl McNiel  -  President

Mike Langston  -  Vice President
Betsy Acker
Steve Beard

Ken Gill
David Hankins
Jim Owens
Carol Christian  -  Treasurer
Chris Christian  -  Treasurer

Judy Grimada - Clerk
Mark Stewart - Liturgy Laison
and Cantor

The Parish Council consists of seven members.  We are indeed fortunate to have very congenial and caring members on our Parish Council, each of whom are attuned to the needs of the parish and the parishioners.